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Hello, my name is Inne R. A.

Papoy's wife and Asaboy's mommy.
Content Creator * Translator * Freelance Teacher
A life learner

This blog is about my journey as a mother and home schooling journal of Asaboy.


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LinkedIn: inneria
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Instagram: inne.ria
Twitter: @inne_ra

For further inquiries please send your mail to inne.web.id@gmail.com


Public Speaking Experience:

-In English-

mJENI seminar in  Interface Computer College, Davao, Southern Philippines
J2ME mobile game trainings in:
1. Tagum National Trade School
2. Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology
3. Digos City National High School
and several other schools

-In Indonesian-

Girls in ICT Day 2017. Dilo Depok, 25 April 2017.
while teaching at school ^_^


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