How Yoga and Pilates Have Helped Me Release The Tension

Hello there. Been busy doing some exercises and learning some literatures about scoliosis. Those things really took my time. I spent hours and hours in reading books about how to be healthier with a crooked spine.

Initially, I really want to make this post in Indonesia, but then I decide to just write in English for a larger scope of readers. I guess this one will be useful for those who stand in the same darkness with me. 

I've been notice the different length of my legs and uneven hips since I was in junior high school. My aunt was the one who told me so. She said that my hips is quite weird and uneven between the right and the left one. I didn't feel any pain so I guess it was just something no need to worry about. 

Around 2001, I met a doctor online and told him about my condition. He recommend me a name, a spine surgeon based in Jakarta. I met the spine surgeon and he told me that I have a scoliosis. He told me to do a regular check up in the next 6 months. Life was not so simple in those days and I simply forgot my spine problem because I just couldn't bear the challenge to deal with the full-day-use of brace.

Long story short, in 2016, I had several symptoms and decided to see another spine surgeon. The result was not so good. He recommend me a spine clinic to made a brace. I contacted the clinic and they said that it was only for young people who have an immature bone. So I decided to find another answer. I remember that the spine surgeon told me that he only suggest 3 kinds of sports for me to do:
yoga, swimming and pilates. 

Swimming is not a big deal, since I fell in love with this water sport since I was in elementary school. Yoga? that's another thing. Moreover, pilates? Oh great, I even don't have any clue what kind of exercise is that. 

So I brought myself to a yoga studio. It was a nice one and quite large. In Lilou Space, I met a beautiful instructor who was very welcoming and showed me some useful poses to help me reduce the pain in my lower back (since I have the thoracolumbar scoliosis). 
Three weeks after the first encounter, I found myself addicted to yoga. All I want is to be in the studio, doing all of the stretching and posing. I don't know which pose is good or bad for my spine, yet. But somehow, I found the inner peace. A self healing. I feel fulfilled. There is something different in this kind of exercise. I'm not exaggerating, but at some point, I feel that this is me. 

A woman who have scoliosis and for the first time in my entire life, I accept that. With all of my heart. I even told everyone that I have scoliosis (which was actually weird for the first time). The thing is, I accept the crooked spine, something that I really want to get rid off from the first time I noticed it was there, but I was helpless. 

The search for a spesific yoga studio was continuing until I found out about the Iyengar Yoga studio in South Jakarta. We (me and papoy) was so excited to know that there is a yoga exercise especially made for scoliosis. But then we have to set back aside since it is too expensive for us. For a visit, it costs twice of my regular yoga monthly fee (remembering this made me sick, anyway).

a motivational poster in Celfit

Been exercising in Lilou for a month then got an information about a Pilates class held in Celebrity Fitness (Celfit). A friend told me that the fitness center allow its member to a more flexible exercise time on a periodical scheduled clasess. So we went there and fell in love with the ambience at the first time.

the spine 

I signed in after the first trial of the yoga class. Apparently, signing in into two different studios costs us more, so finally we decided to pick Celfit as an option since it has Yoga and Pilates classes. Plus, there's kids class so my Asaboy could join in.

Asaboy exercising in kids' class
To me, yoga and pilates is not just an exercise. It's becoming my basic need. :)


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